Make America Great Again Cup Sleeve: Durable Corrugated Cardboard To Hold Hot Cups Of Coffee Or Tea – Proudly Displaying The American Flag And President Donald Trump With His Campaign Trail Slogan

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  • MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN: Are you a proud republican? Do you want to make America great again? Are you not afraid to let people know what your political beliefs are? Then get these hot cup sleeves and let everyone know that Donald Trump is who you voted for in the elections! The hot sleeve cup proudly features the great American flag, our president Donald Trump giving a thumbs up, and his iconic slogan from his campaign trail, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!”

  • NO MORE BURNT HANDS: Apart looking freakishly cool, the hot cup sleeve will also keep your hands protected while you’re holding cups of hot coffee or tea. You will no longer have to alternate hands to not burn your palms. With the corrugated cardboard cup sleeve you will be able to hold your cup and never let go of it! Enjoy your hot coffee or tea without any pain or worries and you can thank Donald Trump and the American flag later!

  • UNIVERSAL FIT CUP SLEEVE: Do you like to drink big portions of coffee? Can you not get enough of your tea every day? No matter what size your cup is, the hot cup sleeve with the American flag will fit it without problems. In fact, the cup sleeve can fit any paper cups of 12, 16 and 20 oz. We have made sure the hot cup sleeve has a universal fit just to make thing easier for you!

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Once you use the Make America Great Again cup sleeve, you have two options. One option is to use it as decoration and display your love for America and your support for president Trump! The other option is to recycle the cup sleeve. If you care about the environment, then get this practical cup sleeve, because it’s environmentally friendly and made of 100% recyclable materials. Of course, if the cup sleeve is still in good condition, you can use it again and again!

  • ACT NO WITHOUT ANY FEAR: We know you are already very excited with the idea that you could be carrying your hot cup of coffee with this America-loving cup sleeve! But, in order to make even the slightest doubt you might have disappear, we offer you a generous 60-day money back guarantee! So if you no longer feel that American, you decide that you are not republican, or you simply don’t like the cup sleeves, we will refund you, no questions asked!


“Make America Great Again!!” – President of the United States Donald Trump

You live in the greatest country in the world, so why shouldn’t you hide your pride and love for it and its president?

You can buy hats, T-shirts, flags, but why not try something more unique? We present you with the “Make America Great Again” hot sleeve cups!

You can now carry your hot cup of coffee or tea around in this purely American cup sleeve that features everything America is proud of!

Drink Your Hot Cup Of Tea Or Coffee Undisturbed!

You just can’t resist a boiling hot cup of coffee or tea, especially when you’re on the go! But your hands can’t stand the heat!

That’s why you should get these corrugated hot cup sleeves with the American flag, president Trump and his campaign slogan.

You will no longer have to alternate hands to hold the cup and you’ll be able to enjoy your beverage without any problems!

This Hot Cup Sleeve Is The Best Purchase You Could Make Today!

Why? Where to start from? First of all, thanks to its great quality, your hands won’t get burnt when holding a cup with a hot drink.

Secondly, you use the up sleeve over and over again! It is durable, so it will still be in great condition after some uses.

Finally, you can do the environment a favor and recycle the cup sleeve, or you can use it as decoration for your room!

Satisfaction Or Your Money Back!

Get the “Make America Great Again” cup sleeves with the picture of Donald Trump and his famous slogan and try it out!

If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with it, during the first 60 days you can ask for a refund and get your money back!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Click The “Add to Cart” Button NOW And Let Everyone Know That You Want To Make America Great Again!!


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